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YogaFit® Philosophy

At YogaFit®, we’re not your average yogis! We believe everybody and every body should embrace yoga, which is why the YogaFit® program has been designed specifically for delivery in any health clubs, fitness facilities and group exercise locations.

With over 200,000 qualified instructors spanning across six continents, YogaFit® is the largest fitness education school in the world. In fact, each year, over 15,000 people train with us, to learn how to teach balance, strength, flexibility and power to the old and young, the fragile and the nimble!

We are committed to offering affordable, achievable and tangible yoga training, which is why we offer flexible payment plans and a convenient training program.

Our roots

In the 21st Century, yoga and fitness go hand-in-hand, but this wasn’t always the case. In 1994, our Founder Beth Shaw developed YogaFit®, to bridge the gap between the two practices. Combining fitness staples like push ups, sit ups and squats with traditional yoga postures, a new “user friendly” movement emerged: YogaFit®.

Our style

We recognise there is a unique strength and healing that yoga brings to those who practice it regularly, and we want to deliver those benefits to the masses. Yoga is a gift for the body and the mind, with the power to enhance physical, mental and spiritual health. By combining these qualities with more traditional exercise training, we can create a holistic rejuvenation that is suitable for everybody.


“We had people from all backgrounds, ages and yoga ability in our group and I’m sure we all now have the skills and knowledge to be successful YogaFit instructors. I have been a group fitness instructor for many years and this course has definitely changed the way I teach my other classes.”
Sarah Dunning, VIC
“Backed by sound anatomical theory and group fitness principles, this course allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and taught me how to break down poses and then build them up. I found the course to be respectful and true to the more spiritual elements of yoga philosophy, in an inclusive and accessible way.’’
Katryn Bryant, QLD
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