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Frequently Asked Questions

What is YogaFit®?

YogaFit® is the largest yoga education program in the world. We have trained over 200,000 instructors who have gone on to teach a unique, user-friendly yoga style to clients across the globe. YogaFit® combines traditional yoga and modern fitness techniques, making it a friendly and achievable style for experts and novices alike. At YogaFit® we believe yoga is for everybody and every body.

What type of results can my clients and class participants expect?

Regular yoga practice is good for the mind, body and soul. Practicing yoga regularly can improve health, agility, flexibility, performance and mental alertness. We encourage participants to let go of their expectations to see how the collaboration of traditional yoga and core fitness principles will improve overall fitness and health.

What makes YogaFit® different from other yoga programs?

Unlike some yoga practices, YogaFit® encourages participants to let go of expectation and allow the poses to fit their body (instead of trying to make their body fit the poses). YogaFit® is also unique because it has been specifically developed to be delivered successfully and effectively in a fitness-focused environment.

What do i need to do in order to start teaching YogaFit®?

Once you have completed 6 days of YogaFit® Fundamentals and your 8 hours of community yoga, as long as you hold a minimum Certificate III in Fitness (specialising in Group Exercise), you can start teaching yoga.

IMPORTANT NOTE: each gym will have a different set of requirements for teaching yoga, so if you intend on teaching yoga at an existing fitness facility, it's best to check with your Group Fitness Manager before you sign up for our course.

What if I don't have my Certificate III in Fitness?

You will need to complete the 200 RYT program in order to teach YogaFit® as a stand alone class. For more information, click here.

What else do I need?

We recommend getting insurance. If you are a Network member, you can get insurance from just $99.95 per year. You can get more information here.

Do I need a license to run Yogafit® programs?

Currently, YogaFit® studios are the only ones licensed to use the name YogaFit® . You can advertise yourself as a yoga instructor who has trained with YogaFit® but unfortunately you cannot use the YogaFit® name in any other way, as it is trademarked. That means, you're not able to advertise your classes as YogaFit® classes.

For more info of licensing, please email

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellation policy

  • Included in each course registration fee is a non-refundable, non-transferable deposit. This amount varies, depending on the workshop but ranges from $100 - $200.
  • Customers cancelling with 21 days’ notice or more are entitled to a refund of paid registration fees, less the non-refundable, non-transferable $200 deposit (NO exceptions).
  • Customers cancelling within 14 days’ notice or more who wish to transfer to a different training, will pay an additional $50.00 transfer fee. The remaining balance can be applied to any future training within 6 months from the date of the initial training.
  • Customers cancelling with less than 14 days’ notice are NOT entitled to a refund and forfeit $200.00 as the cancellation fee. The remaining balance will be kept on file as a credit to be applied to a future teacher training within 6 months from the date of the initial training.
  • Customers not attending a training and failing to contact Australian Fitness Network in advance (i.e., “no-shows”) will forfeit all registration fees and no refund/credit will be issued.
  • All trainings are subject to cancellation by Australian Fitness Network and in such cases, customers will be notified in advance and provided with various options. Please call to confirm any training(s) prior to making any travel arrangements. Australian Fitness
  • Network will not be liable for transport and accommodation fees should a training be cancelled.
    All refunds and/or credits will be issued in Australian dollars only, within 14-21 business days of the request.
    Full attendance is required to receive course credit.
    A minimum number of registrations must be made in order for the training/event to take place. The minimum is typically 10, but may vary.
Pre-workshop experience

It is recommended that all participants hold a minimum Certificate III in Fitness, specialising in Group Exercise and we advise you to attend a minimum of five (5) yoga classes prior to commencement of the training.

Continuing Education Credits (cecs)

Participants are eligible for Continuing Education Credits (CECs) recognised by Fitness Australia. Your certificate will only be issued upon successful completion of the course which includes full attendance as well as completion of all course work, assessments and 8 hrs of karma yoga.