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With YogaFit®, you can teach group classes or empower clients one-to-one – the choice is yours.


Progress beyond the Fundamentals

If you want to take your participants to the next level, additional modules are available.


Tailor your YogaFit® to special populations

Customise your learning to focus on those you’re passionate about helping, such as kids, older adults or mums.

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Flexible payment options

We believe yoga should be accessible to everyone, so our fees structure includes upfront discounts and flexible payment plans..

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Fitness-focused yoga

With a YogaFit® qualification you’ll attract new demographics, expand your client base, and become an even more in-demand instructor.

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Exercise science-based approach

This knowledge will enable you to create and deliver practical, user-friendly yoga that is easily tailored for everybody and every body.

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YogaFit® teaches all the traditions of yoga – balance, strength, flexibility and power – but it does so from a fitness and exercise science approach. We believe this fusion is the doorway to introducing yoga to everybody, regardless of his or her fitness level. We believe that if you can breathe, then you’ll enjoy the benefits of yoga, so we are passionate about ensuring this ancient and holistic practice becomes an intrinsic part of the fitness industry.

YogaFit® is the largest yoga fitness education school in the world, with more than 200,000 instructors trained on six continents. YogaFit® is specifically designed for delivery in fitness facilities and overcomes the mystery of yoga by delivering a practical, user-friendly style, which is accessible, understandable, and suitable for individuals at any level of fitness.

YogaFit® is designed to improve the health, performance, and mental acuteness of athletes or individuals who practice regularly. Based on the traditional fitness science of Hatha yoga, YogaFit® blends balance, strength, flexibility and power into a tried and tested fitness format.



“YogaFit® is about making a pose fit your body, rather than making your body fit the pose. We spent time going over each Level 1 and 2 poses, to understand their benefits, common misalignments and options, and there was a strong emphasis on safety. I realise now that a lot of yoga classes I go to encourage things that have no benefit and a lot of risk, which probably explains the pain I sometimes feel afterwards.”
Sarah Dunning, VIC


“I found the YogaFit course to be a functional and inspiring blend of practical skills and theory that has helped me ground my personal practice and also give me the skills to share my passion for yoga in a group fitness setting. I feel confident that the course has given me the skills to bring my yoga to a wide variety of people of all ages and skill levels. I look forward to a continuation of my YogaFit journey as more modules become available.”
Katryn Bryant, QLD