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Directing the focus more inward, Level Three emphasizes the modern application of the philosophical, metaphysical and biomechanical aspects of yoga, paying particular attention to the seven chakras and how they foster a deeper sense of self‐awareness. In this two‐day intensive, you will then learn how to use your intuition as well as your anatomical knowledge to give your students effective hands‐on assists. Deepening our understanding of mindfulness programming, this training will help you incorporate meditation techniques in addition to well-rounded physical practices that utilize strength, flexibility and overall conditioning, mind and body. The learning objectives of YogaFit® Level 3 are:

  • Learn the breakdown of 20+ new poses and sequencing for strength & conditioning
  • Learn the moon salutation for stability and flexibility
  • Understand the health benefits of meditation for functional training
  • Demonstrate hands-on physical adjustments for functional training
  • Learn and understand the study of right and left brain activity for overall conditioning
  • Learn and understand the benefits of journalling and mindful living for overall conditioning
  • Learn and understand the brain and nervous system for overall conditioning 
  • Learn and understand the importance of a personal practice for strength & conditioning  
  • Understand and demonstrate the seven chakras (energy centres) in the body for flexibility and stability
  • Learn and understand the Four Paths of Yoga for flexibility, strength and conditioning, and stability.


What will I receive?

Included in your YogaFit® Level 3 course registration, you’ll receive:

YogaFit® Level 3 manual
Pathways to Joy by Swami Vivekananda

What should I bring to the course?

A yoga mat, a strap and block.

How long is the course?

YogaFit® Level 3 is a two-day intensive course (typically from 8am to 6pm each day, although times may vary).

How many CECs will I get?

YogaFit Level 3 is approved for 12 CECs with Fitness Australia.

What are the prerequisites to attend?

You should hold at least a Certificate III in Fitness or equivalent, and have successfully completed YogaFit Fundamentals.

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