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YogaFit's Level 4 teaches an advanced physical practice and teaching skills. It also delves into Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which teaches you the philosophy of yoga and the essence of YogaFit®. This includes concepts such as:

  • letting go of judgement, competition and expectations
  • balancing the opposites: opposing muscles, opposing energies, and opposing desires/aversions
  • cultivating deep awareness, enabling us to practice being in a place of balance and centredness, by becoming more and more aware of how and when we go to extremes (i.e., away from balance)
  • using breath and yogic practices to more easily regain our balance and centre
  • flowing from pose to pose, which teaches us how to flow through the ups and downs of life and to pause, breathe, and find balance and centeredness in a pose whenever we need to.

In YogaFit® Level 4, you’ll examine:

  • yoga philosophy and history, including yoga sutras and bhagavad gita koshas
  • the breakdown of 30 advanced poses and sequencing
  • advanced master classes 
  • the health benefits of sound therapy/chanting and mantras
  • mudras
  • common Sanskrit translations and Sanskrit terms.


What will I receive?

Your YogaFit® Level 4 registration provides you with:

YogaFit® Level 4 manual
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Satchidananda   
The Living Gita by Swami Satchidinananda

What should I bring to the course?

A yoga mat, a strap and block.

How long is the course?

YogaFit Level 4 is an intensive four-day course (typically from 8am to 6pm each day, although times may vary).

What are the prerequisites to attend?

All attendees should hold at least a Certificate III in Fitness or equivalent, and have successfully completed YogaFit Fundamentals and YogaFit® Level 3.

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