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Meditation and Mindfulness (previously Transformational Meditation) was created out of YogaFit® founder Beth Shaw’s own personal experience and passion for meditation.

This training delves into learning how to balance our bodies by using a multi-layered approach to mantra and chakra meditations to stimulate the nervous system. The methods presented make meditation easy to understand, user-friendly, and customisable. “I believe in the power of meditation and have a regular meditation practice that is an important part of my daily life. I would like to share the many benefits of meditation with my network of YogaFit® instructors… Mantra based meditation gives the mind the opportunity to focus and clear. This Transformational Meditation resets the nervous system and can be done anywhere,” states Beth Shaw.

Learn the most effective meditation approaches to integrate meditation into your daily life and to demystify meditation for your students as well. This training will teach you practical mindfulness for daily happiness and contentment. Once again, YogaFit® and Beth Shaw are leading the industry in making eastern philosophy a healthy part of our western lifestyle.


What will I receive?

Included in your course registration, you’ll receive the Meditation and Mindfulness manual.

What should I bring to the course?

• Your copy of Beth Shaw’s YogaFit®, 2nd or 3rd edition (if you don’t have one, you should let us know at the time of enrolment)
• A yoga mat (and strap and block if you practice with these)

How long is the course?

YogaFit’s Mindfulness and Meditation is an intensive one day course, typically 8am – 6pm though times may vary based on venue.

What are the prerequisites to attend?

All attendees should hold at least a Certificate III in Fitness or equivalent and have completed YogaFit Fundamentals successfully.

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